The Secret World and it’s Captivating Visuals.

As I had said in my previous post, I think that the MMORPG The Secret World goes largely unappreciated, despite it’s unique and take on the genre and it’s incredible imagery along with it’s art.tumblr_static_tumblr_static_4xstr7hpb7k00swccsgw4wc40_640

To further try and express why I feel that the game goes underrated, I’ll gather some concept art and screenshots from the game in general, which I feel portray some of the most interesting works in the game.

The Imagery itself is no doubt quite striking and perfectly compliments the unsettling atmosphere the game intends to impose. 1351500885_4

The difference between the intended art and the game itself are minuscule.




The Secret World is a roller coaster of striking atmospheric visuals.











With such a scenic wealth of imagery, players can’t help but to take a few screenshots of their teams.



The Secret World, an underrated MMORPG

Distancing even further from the first few posts on my blog, I’ll be moving away from films, heroes and in this post I will do a short review on and what I consider to be a very underrated gem in the MMORPG genre. The game takes inspiration from a variety of classical horror literature such as Howard P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos as well Edgar Allen Poe’s bleak depiction of the supernatural. Of course the game also takes many of it’s ques from Christian mythology. The atmosphere is chilling from the get go.


The first area in the game is easily a myriad of Lovecraftian nightmares, seamlessly embedded in the plots and imagery. Kingsmouth Town, Maine. The isolated, coastal town is an immediate hat tip to Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu and the experience of the player is roughly similar as an agent, expected to investigate the odd goings on in the town. Only to find that ancient terror’s have been unleashed and that the wheels have began to turn for even greater and more terrible events.


The player travels across the globe to engage in the main story, in order to progress, the player must complete many other tasks and indulge in many side plots. The side plots are what really creates the atmosphere of classic horror. Perhaps one of the most prevalent odes to classical horror is the Transylvania chapter of the main story. Bram Stoker’s Dracula really comes to life with the Secret World’s adaptation of the vintage horror antagonist. The Secret World developers had employed their own writers to give more depth to the historical characters. Recreating an entire scene in Transylvania so that the player can learn more about Dracula and his past.
As for the gaming side of it, there are the main story missions, which draws the player into experience the main elements of the plot with first hand interaction. The Sabotage missions show off the physics and mechanics of the game. Then investigation missions actually have the player do some research into real life information and web pages, this is an optional extra-curricular kind of mission to expand on some of the real life sources of the game’s inspirations. This, alongside the satisfying combat and impressive animations, make the game a timeless classic that has not received the credit and popularity that it is so clearly due. 0fdd16c117008907d5f236cd23e4b2e0-d8me28p

Interviewing my friend about Batman Vs Superman


The new Batman Vs Superman film has got fans and new comers to DC alike, excited about this latest feature to the franchise. Critics, both professional and popular youtubers have been hitting the film hard. I’m going to discuss why that might be with my friend, let’s call him “Jack.”

You told me you’d seen the film a few times since it’s release. You’ve really had a chance to get to know it, what aspects of the film did you enjoy the most?

Aside from the beautiful cinematography and striking visuals, the sound track was an eloquent ensemble most of the way through, complementary to the pacing of the film.The scenes with combat and action were a thrilling experience with excellent coordination, be it in the editing or simply what is just happening in front of the camera. An element that made the film more enjoyable would have to be the anticipation, as I have been a long time fan of DC superheroes.

As a long time fan then, of the original Batman Vs Superman and Justice League stories, did the film meet your expectations? How close was the film to how you imagined it would be? 

I believe that the film not only met my expectations, but indeed, exceeded them. Although it had been different than what I expected it to be, but in a good way. I had envisioned the film to follow the source material of the Dark Knight Returns, that Batman was going to be the antagonist in a way. Despite the film differing quite largely to this, I found myself enjoying it nonetheless. Although the other Justice League members were present, I felt they brilliantly accompanied the film.

Finally Jack, there’s no doubt that the critics are not happy with the film, they feel Batman was too dark and lots of fans were unhappy with the scenes wherein he’s using firearms to shoot and kill his enemies. How did this make you feel, is it a betrayal of the classically portrayed Batman with strict rules?

Well the DC universe was intended to be a darker side of comic Superheroes. Lots of people have gotten comfortable with how Marvel’s films have been rather light hearted. Critics should keep this in mind, as a DC film should have a dark atmosphere. Christopher Nolan’s Batman is much darker than you would expect, but isn’t coming under the same kind of contention with Zak Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman. In fact, I think that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne has been the best depiction of Batman yet. Many also forget that Batman has been a killer in some his more popular comic book plots, so I naturally don’t think that the new Batman is a betrayal.

Thanks for letting me interview you Jack, there’s been speculation about the new plots and storylines they might make. I expect your looking forward to that?

Aye Aye.



The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter has become a timeless classic for it’s fiercely loving embrace of life in a death ridden time. During the Vietnam war, American men were drafted and forced to fight in a war the government engineered to combat the spread of alternative political ideologies during the cold war. Though the Deer Hunter is an outstanding depiction of how war can change people, traumatize and isolate them.

But what is the significance of the time the men spend together camping and hunting. It’s implied that the group have been friends for a long time. In the beginning, deer hunting is depicted as a leisurely activity, being friends closer to nature and each other. It’s classic boyhood friendship, but when the war comes to them they find themselves changed by the events around them. Being forced to play Russian roulette in which the only winner is the last one alive who had to watch his fellow soldiers shoot themselves in the head. Hunting is a sport that many pursue for the thrill of it, this thrill is reflected by how the Vietnamese treat the protagonists, they are the prey of the hunters.robert-de-niro-deer-hunter

After their close encounter with the death, the men are obviously changed. De Niro’s character feels totally desensitized by what he’s seen and done. He no longer feel’s like he can just enjoy his old life again. To avoid his home coming party, he hid at a motel for the peace and quiet it offered. Christopher Walkins character had gone through this in the extreme as his character could barely function socially. Both heavily traumatized and trying to find meaning in their existence.

Iconically  the deer hunting after the war was an entirely different experience. It wasn’t a leisurely sport for De Niro’s character. After they give up on the hunt, they return to the cabin and one of them become liberal showing off their new firearm. Pointing it at the others jokingly before De Niro’s character snaps from the aggression and imagery. In what seems to be the peak of the film, De Niro’s character loses his inhibition and begins forcing them to play a game of Russian roulette. 62


Short deconstruction of some themes and Motifs in Taxi Driver

taxi_driver_stencil_by_pietro051-d6w0vsqIn breaking away from my previous posts on Super heroes, I decided to do a short deconstruction on some of the recurring themes and motifs in the cult classic Taxi Driver. Some of Travis Bickle’s behaviour is unusual and recurring, though hardly seems relevant to his story. He frequently visits adult films in theaters, he also seems to follow a habit of becoming obsessed with blonde women. Another thing is that he seems to have no outside interests, aside from two women in particular and wiping the “scum” from the streets.

Throughout the film we see that Bickle is very socially awkward most of the time and he failed in pursuing Betsy, the recurring theme of his attending adult films could be to cater to his lack of sexual interaction and probably to compensate with his lack of social etiquette in most conversations. The theater is way for Bickle to make up for his appearant lack of humanity.

Bickle knows that he is quite socially inept and may have been pursuing these two blonde women in order to improve himself. He saw Betsy, the sophisticated civil servant and began to dress better himself, to engage in music and politics to feel more whole and in the process, making advances on Betsy. However, Iris, the 12 year old prostitute is in definite contrast to Betsy. But Bickle saw his opportunity to make a difference, believing that the police would do nothing. He then follows this strict new exercise regime and diet in order to be prepared to intervene in Iris’s predicament. After killing Iris’s pimp, land lord and current client, Bickle had become a hero to the young girl, to many in the newspapers and especially Iris’s parents who then write to

Travis obsesses with the notion of the scum being wiped from the street. The assumption is that when he was a marine in Vietnam, the war had traumatized him, in his PTSD, Travis had taken the war back with him. As a marine preparing for Vietnam he would have totally dehumanized the enemy and only associated them with the most evil and degenerate acts. Upon his return, Travis then begins to see the crime and corruption in New York and a rage like that of war over came him. He could barely look at people in the night because “That’s when the animals all come out.”

When all is said, though some scenes in Taxi Driver may not feel directly relevant to the plot, they are quite possibly the crux of Travis Bickle’s character. There’s always a reason to what we’ve been shown about Travis and his unusual journey.

Friendly interview: Spiderman’s popularity


In keeping with the trend of superheroes, I’ve invited another friend over, let’s call him James, to have a discussion about Marvel’s favourite Poster boy, Spiderman. Why is he so popular and what is his importance with regards to the other Marvel heroes?

Spiderman has been a popular character since his debut in comic books, fans find him relatable, humouress and see him as a hero that always tries to do what’s right. Spiderman might be amazing but Peter Parker is a classical nerd. He gets bullied at school and has trouble talking with his love interests. Most comic fans back then could relate to that and as nerd culture has become more mainstream in recent years, so has Spiderman.

When you indulge in Spiderman, do you feel that the hero is more important than the man? Do you think that has an impact on his popularity?

Perhaps in later Spiderman editions, the hero has become more prevalent but what makes the character especially striking is Peter Parker’s ascent through adolescence, whilst also coping with sex, romance, drugs, drinking and family matters with his elderly Aunt May and her recently deceased Husband. As a teenager, growing up can be difficult and few character’s in literature have captured the struggle so well as Peter Parker. This is and Spiderman’s charming persona, quick wit and incredibly abilities make Spiderman a very balanced character. Peter Parker’s popularity is the crux of Spiderman’s phenomenal success.

It’s confirmed that Spiderman will feature in the next installment of the Avengers, how do you think he will get along with the other heroes? Do you think he’ll be an important character?

I believe that the divide between heroes will have been established by the time Spiderman is introduced to the other Avengers. I think that he will have immediately decided which side he’ll be on as he has a lot of respect and some jealousy for Iron Man’s wealth and tech. Spiderman will bring a lot of new fans to the franchise. His fanbase is considerably more loyal and his appearance will draw Marvel fans who may have been on the line with regards to their thoughts about the avengers. As a character Spiderman could make a great leader, he’s very intelligent, has a nigh on prescient sixth sense for incoming danger, along with his super strength and other spider-like abilities.

Thanks for discussing your thoughts on Spiderman and the upcoming Marvel film.