Friendly interview: Spiderman’s popularity


In keeping with the trend of superheroes, I’ve invited another friend over, let’s call him James, to have a discussion about Marvel’s favourite Poster boy, Spiderman. Why is he so popular and what is his importance with regards to the other Marvel heroes?

Spiderman has been a popular character since his debut in comic books, fans find him relatable, humouress and see him as a hero that always tries to do what’s right. Spiderman might be amazing but Peter Parker is a classical nerd. He gets bullied at school and has trouble talking with his love interests. Most comic fans back then could relate to that and as nerd culture has become more mainstream in recent years, so has Spiderman.

When you indulge in Spiderman, do you feel that the hero is more important than the man? Do you think that has an impact on his popularity?

Perhaps in later Spiderman editions, the hero has become more prevalent but what makes the character especially striking is Peter Parker’s ascent through adolescence, whilst also coping with sex, romance, drugs, drinking and family matters with his elderly Aunt May and her recently deceased Husband. As a teenager, growing up can be difficult and few character’s in literature have captured the struggle so well as Peter Parker. This is and Spiderman’s charming persona, quick wit and incredibly abilities make Spiderman a very balanced character. Peter Parker’s popularity is the crux of Spiderman’s phenomenal success.

It’s confirmed that Spiderman will feature in the next installment of the Avengers, how do you think he will get along with the other heroes? Do you think he’ll be an important character?

I believe that the divide between heroes will have been established by the time Spiderman is introduced to the other Avengers. I think that he will have immediately decided which side he’ll be on as he has a lot of respect and some jealousy for Iron Man’s wealth and tech. Spiderman will bring a lot of new fans to the franchise. His fanbase is considerably more loyal and his appearance will draw Marvel fans who may have been on the line with regards to their thoughts about the avengers. As a character Spiderman could make a great leader, he’s very intelligent, has a nigh on prescient sixth sense for incoming danger, along with his super strength and other spider-like abilities.

Thanks for discussing your thoughts on Spiderman and the upcoming Marvel film.



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