Interviewing my friend about Batman Vs Superman


The new Batman Vs Superman film has got fans and new comers to DC alike, excited about this latest feature to the franchise. Critics, both professional and popular youtubers have been hitting the film hard. I’m going to discuss why that might be with my friend, let’s call him “Jack.”

You told me you’d seen the film a few times since it’s release. You’ve really had a chance to get to know it, what aspects of the film did you enjoy the most?

Aside from the beautiful cinematography and striking visuals, the sound track was an eloquent ensemble most of the way through, complementary to the pacing of the film.The scenes with combat and action were a thrilling experience with excellent coordination, be it in the editing or simply what is just happening in front of the camera. An element that made the film more enjoyable would have to be the anticipation, as I have been a long time fan of DC superheroes.

As a long time fan then, of the original Batman Vs Superman and Justice League stories, did the film meet your expectations? How close was the film to how you imagined it would be? 

I believe that the film not only met my expectations, but indeed, exceeded them. Although it had been different than what I expected it to be, but in a good way. I had envisioned the film to follow the source material of the Dark Knight Returns, that Batman was going to be the antagonist in a way. Despite the film differing quite largely to this, I found myself enjoying it nonetheless. Although the other Justice League members were present, I felt they brilliantly accompanied the film.

Finally Jack, there’s no doubt that the critics are not happy with the film, they feel Batman was too dark and lots of fans were unhappy with the scenes wherein he’s using firearms to shoot and kill his enemies. How did this make you feel, is it a betrayal of the classically portrayed Batman with strict rules?

Well the DC universe was intended to be a darker side of comic Superheroes. Lots of people have gotten comfortable with how Marvel’s films have been rather light hearted. Critics should keep this in mind, as a DC film should have a dark atmosphere. Christopher Nolan’s Batman is much darker than you would expect, but isn’t coming under the same kind of contention with Zak Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman. In fact, I think that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne has been the best depiction of Batman yet. Many also forget that Batman has been a killer in some his more popular comic book plots, so I naturally don’t think that the new Batman is a betrayal.

Thanks for letting me interview you Jack, there’s been speculation about the new plots and storylines they might make. I expect your looking forward to that?

Aye Aye.




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