The Secret World and it’s Captivating Visuals.

As I had said in my previous post, I think that the MMORPG The Secret World goes largely unappreciated, despite it’s unique and take on the genre and it’s incredible imagery along with it’s art.tumblr_static_tumblr_static_4xstr7hpb7k00swccsgw4wc40_640

To further try and express why I feel that the game goes underrated, I’ll gather some concept art and screenshots from the game in general, which I feel portray some of the most interesting works in the game.

The Imagery itself is no doubt quite striking and perfectly compliments the unsettling atmosphere the game intends to impose. 1351500885_4

The difference between the intended art and the game itself are minuscule.




The Secret World is a roller coaster of striking atmospheric visuals.











With such a scenic wealth of imagery, players can’t help but to take a few screenshots of their teams.



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